Q: How can I make gold in World of Warcraft using these Professions?   Enchanting Maxed
Tailoring Maxed. Ive tried Selling bags, but there is so much Competition on my server that I lose money instead of gaining.
A: It’s great that you have enchanting. A great way to make gold is to disenchant green items on the auction house, and then sell the materials they yield. If you use an addon called Auctioneer (can be found on curse.com), you can scan the auction house and buy all the green items that are being auctioned below market value. Disenchant, sell the mats, very easy gold.

Honestly, tailoring is not so great for making gold. I recommend you drop that profession and pick up jewelcrafting. You can use Auctioneer to search for gems that are under market value, so you can buy them, cut them, and sell them for a large, fast profit. I hope this helps.