Best way to make gold in WOW at level 80?

Q: So I’m level 80 Death Knight.
REALLY want epic flyer.
What’s the best way for me to earn ~4.5k gold quickly?
I don’t have any profressions btw (DK start at 55 so its hard).

Would it be to continue doing dailies on DK?
Level my 70 Hunter and get gold from quests?
Im willing to farm items. What items are selling for a lot?

And are gold guides worth buying?


1. Run Heroics, once you get the few decent badge gear you need, use the other heroic badges to buy Frozen Orbs and sell them on AH
2. I really suggest lvling ure cooking, the cooking daily in Dalaran usually is about 50g per daily (Northern Spices is your quest reward and it costs alot)
3. Hope your not on PvP realm, level up ure fishing by first going to Barrens (Stagnant Oasis) and fishing up Deviate Fish also you can lvl up ure cooking by cooking them. Then sell the Savory Deviate Delights on the AH
4. Farm Eternal Fires from wintergrasp (may sometimes be a dangerous task), but armor durability does not die during pvp. You can see a 25k health fire guy (that drops like 3 fires) when your faction is controlling wintergrasp. There are also little fire guys in the molten section on the south east corner of the region.

Some of the gold guides and leveling guides are quite useless because they are way out of date and some of them even tell you mto use methods which will end up getting you banned !
I personally recommend the Hayden Hawke Guide
it is up to date for Cataclysm.. comes with free lifetime updates and will help you make 1000 + gold per day legally. check out the goblin link over there to the Secret Gold Guide.