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There are plenty of gold guides available on the market today, and they will all tell you that they are the best. But unfortunately the truth is far from that and the fact that some of them are still giving you outdated tips from years ago that are no longer relevant is a big problem, and although they promise to give you updates regularly, some never do. So how do you know who to trust? Well I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the Secret Gold Guide and I can tell you right now up front no BS the guide WORKS…. and it is the only gold guide I personally recommend and it will have you making 600+ gold per hour right from the off and I regularly make 1000 gold per hour using this exact guide but in order to give you all the info you need I decided to write the review below.

So…. this is a review site

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When I had the chance to review the Secret Gold Guide from Hayden Hawke, one thing that immediately impressed me was the fact that it is so well organized, and has such a lot of very good information for making alot of gold in World of Warcraft.

There is high level of detail that Hayden goes into in the secret gold guide which helps to make the Secret Gold Guide one of the best guides I’ve seen. She does not spend the entire 227 pages walking through of a handful of techniques and then filling the rest of the guide with fluf, but it goes into all methods of making gold in an easy to understand method that anyone can easily follow step by step regardless of their level or experience in wow.

Secret Gold Guide Contents

The 227 pages of the main guide is pure genius. There are sections on all ways to make gold, for example the section on farming was quite refreshing for me because I really don’t like farming for gold that much but where as I used to be able to make 300 gold or so after learning what i thought were the best places to farm i now make 600 thanks to Haydens guide. It includes detailed maps of the exact places to farm for maximum gains. There are sections on every way possible to make gold and how to make maximum gold from them. You can see part of the contents page below from just the beginning and auction house section only, in a screenshot taken from my copy of the secret gold guide. You can find some great tips from me for free on the pages listed in the tabs at the top of the page.

I would like to be able to tell you all the secrets in the gold guide but obviously that wouldn’t be fair to the author or to the others guys like me who have to pay for the guide but if you decided you want the full guide now then click here to go to the Secret Gold Guide Download Page.

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Secret Gold Guide Bonus

There are also plenty of individual bonuses guides that really complete the package and are included so you know everything about making gold in wow -fishing guide and kitchen – FOB Point Guide – Class Talents – Dual Boxers – Compendium The Crafter’s Handbook The Herbalist – The companion of the minor. When you follow the tactics in the secret gold guide you gain alot of gold fast , become a better player, don’t waste so much time and really enjoy the game more!

But I especially loved the dual Boxer guide that comes with the secret gold guide, it’s not something that you would have guessed to be seen as a bonus, but there is alot of info and I have even seen other dual boxing guides being sold separately so the fact that you get it all included is refreshing.

Secret Gold Guide Tested

I had first tested the secret gold guide on the new kingdom, and after about 3 weeks of really puting through its paces I had made over 24,000 gold from following the secret gold guide. In just one weekend I managed to accumulate 8,000 gold so cant be bad.

Secret Gold Guide Conclusion

This guide is worth seeing if you’re looking for a gold guide. It worked well for me, and there is no reason it won’t work for you too because you cant fail, you just follow the secret gold guide and the other guides included and the gold comes easy.

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